Tips for audtitions

A very helpful tip is this:

Just dont get nervous and be as confident as you can be, you need to remember that everyone that is auditioning is nervous. If you wow the judges with confidence you will have a higher chance of being remembered and recognized.

Another tip is to not get too depressed if you dont get the part you want, if you make an imression they are more likley to think of you for another one of their productions or even another part in that play or film or anything it is!

you just need to perform to the best of your ability and belive in yourself the whole way through and if you mess something up just carry on dont stop as this will show determination.

You also need to remember that the people running the auditions are looking for one thing and you need to show them that one thing. Also you need to remember if they call you off before you are done it may mean that they do not need to see anymore from you because maby they have run out of thime or something, just dont get too down hearted if this happens just keep your head held high. Remember that if you dont get the part just forget about it and think about what you can donext time and learn from this misatke and if you dont think you made a mistake then just try harder next time or maby the same it maby the case that there was just someone that showed a bit more of what they wanted in the character.

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