Audtitions for singing.


Female Vocalists
Production TypeLead Vocalist
Durationsee production details
Closing Date13/10/12
Go to to get the full details.

 Auditions for dancing.

2 male dancers and 1 female dancer required for musical theatre/commercial style show.

Initially looking for dancers to help create the show reel for the show. Hence would suit for local, West Midlands dancers.

Agents have already started to show an interest in this show.

Strong performance and technique skills required.

age 20-35 unpaid 

Go to to find out more and apply .

Auditions for acting.

We are currently looking for actors for a short film titled 'FOR EMMA'.

The film is based on the life of Thomas Hardy.

'FOR EMMA' is based on the life of 19th century poet Thomas Hardy, who had problems with his marriage. Using the poems of Hardy, the film explores the fragility of relationships, and the importance of reconciliation.

A range of actors are needed, as the roles are for characters at different stages of their lives.

Filming is at various locations, including mansions, churches, waterfalls, horse driven carriages etc, and will involve a variety of costumes.

Food and drink will be supplied on shoot days, and a DVD/showreel provided. Local travel expenses will be paid, so London actors only should apply.

This is a great opportunity for actors to work with a strong director and creative team; the film is aimed at international film festivals.

Casting Breakdowns:
Johnathon - mid 50s, English, posh, frail, with distinctive signs of ageing. His story is followed through a diary kept by his wife. He is well spoken with a friendly demeanour, and holds himself well.

Young Johnathon - early 20s, West Country accent, he is still learning

Mid Johnathon - mid 30s, accent between West Country and well spoken. An architect, he has recently begun to get a taste for a higher social class. Well groomed, charming and very business like.

Older Johnathon - late 40s, a well spoken tone, looks after himself, and has an easy manner

Young Harriet - 18-20, from a middle class background, West Country but well spoken. She has run away from home to be with Johnathon. Carefree and passionate

Mid Harriet - mid 30s, posh, has become accustomed to life with Johnathon.

Old Harriet - late 40s, frail, she is angry and tired, yet is strong willed

Samuel Chedwick - mid 30s, posh accent, an aristocrat. A flirt, blinded by vanity. His fun and persuasive attitude is the beginning of the undoing of Johnathon’s marriage. Good natural timing.

Auditions are in early October.

Go to to find out more and apply.

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